Wednesday, 25 November 2020

My TOP 10 Horizontal SHMUPS on the Sony PlayStation / PSOne / PS1 / PSX

Being an absolute fanboy of all Sony PS1 shmuppiness, and playing more Sony PS1 / PS2 shmups than anything else, I have a full list of absolute favourites, both horizontal and vertical.

This is my absolute favourite Horizontal shmups on the PS1. I guess that they are not everyones favourites, however its a subjective list, and hopefully there's something here that you didn't know existed and will go on to try and enjoy.

I'm not going to bang on about how great each one is, but I will give a small amount of info and provide a link to where you can "Read All About It".

And I'm not a mad fan of 3D shmups / 3D remakes. I like the flat sprite shooters.. But a couple of Polygon style shooters have made the top 10.

and so in no particular order..

1. KYUIN aka Vacuum Kids (NTSC-J)

An absolute cute-em-up with kid riding on a magic flying shooting vacuum that still stuff sucks up pretty well too.

2. Harmful Park (NTSC-J)

Another excellent cute-em-up set in a theme park with tons of varied enemies, power ups, multiple methods of gatting the bad guys and an all round superb presentation.

3. Cotton (Original and 100%)

Cotton Original aka Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams (NTSC-J)

Cotton 100% aka Märchen Adventure Cotton 100% (NTSC-J)

Yet another cute-em-up. Witch on broomstick gatting everything she sees, and a few half dressed hot pixie women. Whats not to like?

4. Parodius (Series)

Parodius (PAL) aka Parodius Deluxe Pack (NTSC-J)

A Compilation pack of Parodius - From Myth to Laughter and Parodius - Fantastic Journey.

Sexy Parodius (NTSC-J)

Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius - Forever With Me (NTSC-J)

And the cute-em-up's keep coming. Parodius - Combination of "Parody" and "Gradius". Better than Gradicup I guess (Gradius and cute-em-up). Plays like Gradius but better/surreal bizarre graphics.

5. Gradius Deluxe Pack (NTSC-J)

Enought Cute-em-ups! Some real gatting of nasty aliens intent on making balloon animals out of your intestines! Tip top shmups all the way through.. except when you die and ALL of your power-ups are wiped out.
Contains Gradius and Gradius II.

6. Salamander Deluxe Pack

Another selection of absolute arcade classic H-Shmups. The Salamander series is a spin-off from Gradius, but has its own style and charm.
Contains Salamander, Salamander 2 and Lifeforce.

7. Scramble (Konami Arcade Classics (NTSC-U) aka Konami 80s Arcade Gallery (NTSC-J)

It's the Granddaddy of horizontal shmups. Loads of aliens, rockets, meteors, falling fuel levels, caves, passages.. What more could you want.. And in a psychodelic colour scheme!

8. In The Hunt (PAL) (NTSC-U)

OK, so space is now safe, lets take it under water. Describes as a cross between R-Type and Metal Slug, this graphically pleasing blaster looks amazing and plays so smoothly. Try at your peril (as it will eat up hours of your life!).

9. Thunderforce V - Perfect System (NTSC-U) (NTSC-J)

Well technically it does have some 3D, but also some sprites.. OK its 3D and its pretty good.
For a 3D Shmup, its pretty darn good.

10. G Darius (PAL) (NTSC-U) (NTSC-J)

Another 3Der.. and yup its pretty decent! For some reason I love G Darius, but not so much on Darius Gaiden.. Bizarre. Maybe I should give Gaiden another go.

Some Honourable mentions for those that didn't make the Top Ten:

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