Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Inspiral Carpets - 21790 LIVE - VHS Video Rip to MP4 and MP3 Tracks

Download Inspiral Carpets - 21790 LIVE - VHS Rip to MP3 Audio Tracks.
Download Inspiral Carpets - 21790 LIVE - VHS Rip to MP4 Video.
Watch / Stream Inspiral Carpets - 21790 LIVE - VHS Rip to MP4 Video.

Inspiral Carpets - 21790 Live - VHS Video Rip to MP3 Audio Tracks and MP4 Video.

Publisher: Mute Records Limited.

Reference: dung12 (Original VHS, No DVD Release).

Total duration: 78:24.

Ripped by Retrotechy

Recorded at G-Mex in Manchester on 21st July 1990, right at the peak of their fame.

This was officially released by Mutefilms in 1990, but by the advent of DVDs, the Carpets' time was over and it has not been officially transferred to the newer format.

Random Fact: According to the credits on the video, Drum Technician - Noel Gallagher.

Source: Commercial VHS Video Release.
Ripped from VHS Video Tape using Sharp 6 head VCR to Liteon HDD/DVD Recorder.
DVD+R Rip to Single MPG using DVDShrink (Straight Uncompressed Rip).
Audio track lifted in .wav.
Split into tracks and MP3'd at 320 kbps.
MPG to MP4 using Handbrake.

MP3 Track Listing:

Real Thing
Directing Traffic
Besides Me
This Is How It Feels
I'll Keep It In Mind
Song For A Family
Beast Inside
She Comes In The Fall
Further Away
Find Out Why
Commercial Rain
Biggest Mountain

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