Monday, 21 September 2020

Donkey Kong (Arcade Original) on the Sony PlayStation / PSOne / PS1 / PSX

I've never been totally sure what the girders and ladders are meant to represent in Donkey Kong.. Scaffolding? A construction site?

Also, the name.. "Donkey Kong". Was this a bad translation from Japanese of "Stupid Monkey" as some sources suggest? Or was it just an intentional bad choice.. I guess we can be thankful it didn't end up being called "Ass Ape".

Anyway, Focus man. Focus!.

Question - Can I play Nintendo's arcade original Donkey Kong on the PSOne (and hence PSP, PS2 and ps3) ?

Answer - Suprisingly, the answer is No.

Of course, by "Suprisingly" i mean "Unsuprisingly, and by "No" I mean "Yes.. Sort of".

Suprisingly - Given the amount of old arcade originals that did rock up on the PSOne, this is one of the few old arcade classics that didn't.

Unsuprisingly - For those not alread in the know, The PS1 or "Sony PlayStation" started off life as a CD-Rom plug in for the Super Famicom / Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

Nintendo decided late into the development cycle to shelf the idea, and announced this to the media before discussing it with Sony. Miffed Sony in turn decided to continue development into a full games console, making Ninetndo and Sony arch rivals in the gaming industry.

No - There is no official port of Donkey Kong on the PSOne. There is also no known unlockable / easter egg of the game contained in any PSOne game. Who knows, maybe its there waiting to be discovered..

Yes.. Sort of - There is two options available to us and both of them rely on Homebrew.

Option 1: PS1MAME - Yup, this is a port of MAME 0.34 for the PSOne. The version of MAME is old (1998) but still supports a lot of the old classic 8 bit arcade games.

Thats the good news.. The bad news is that these older games can be expected to run (if at all) at somewhere around a quarter of their original speed. I did say "Sort Of".

Option 2: IMBNES - Not the original arcade version, but a very close port brought to you by the people who wrote the original game to play on hardware built by the people who built the original game. You can't get much closer than that!

NES Donkey Kong plays perfectly on IMBNES and IMBNES is one of the simplest emulators to set up for burning to CD as it comes with its own simple to use program that adds the NES roms that you want to play, and spits out a .cue and .bin ready to burn. The only additional requirement is a method of booting CDRs on your PS1 (Mod Chip, swap disc etc).

Unfortunately there is not much more to say. The options are limited but it is possible.

If you own a PS2, you may want to check out PS2 MAME as this plays arcade original Donkey Kong perfectly.

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