Thursday, 28 November 2019

More than a movie - The Terminator

This isn't a movie review, but rather an Extra Features review, or simply a list of Movie extras / featurettes / documentaries that compliment the movie nicely.

Why review the extra features? Well in many cases I have watched the movie, then all of the special / extra features and then gone back and had a second watch as you can see the movie from a completely different perspective, or appreciate a whole different point of view that you didn't see before.

Unfortunately, there has been so many releases of this movie, it can be difficult to track down all of these features however YouTube usually has most of them available to watch, and this is by no means an exhaustive list but rather the best bits.

Sources: DVD special edition / DVD Ultimate Edition / Blu Ray release / YouTube.

  1. Terminator: A Retrospective This 20 minute extra is a chat between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Cameron discussing how the Terminator movie came about, interspersed with snippets of an early Jim Cameron TV interview about the movie. Its a bit dated now but on the whole its an interesting discussion. I would liked to have seen more of the Jim Cameron TV interview, or perhaps the whole interview rather than just snippets of it however I cannot find this anywhere. Found on DVD (SE and Ultimate) and Blu Ray releases. Also on YouTube.

  2. Other Voices At over an hour long and with interviews from all of the major players involved in the movie, this documentary along with the archive footage that it contains will definitely re-energise your passion for the original movie. Found on DVD (SE and Ultimate) releases. Also on YouTube.

  3. Creating The Terminator: Visual Effects and Music Half an hour of discussion and archive footage on the Terminator special effects and music score. Found on DVD (SE and Ultimate) and Blu Ray releases.

  4. Deleted Scenes If you can find this with the Jim Cameron's commentary, it is a far better watch than the deleted scenes alone as he goes into great detail as to why he felt the scenes weren't appropriate for the final cut. Found on DVD (SE and Ultimate) but not on the Blu-Ray release.

  5. The Making of Terminator 1984 A 20 minute TV "Making Of" show which whilst very dated, contains interviews from the time of making and footage of movie scenes being filmed along with interviews with Jim Cameron and the main cast members. Available on YouTube only.

  6. The Terminator (1984) Filming Locations A fan made movie that revisits some of the film locations used. These are becoming more common as archaeology students use subjects like these for final projects. Available on YouTube only.

  7. Michael Biehn Remembers The Terminator An informal TV interview with the actor who played Kyle Reece about the trials and tribulations of being involved with the Terminator franchise. Available on YouTube only.

Have I missed one? Probably... Let me know and I will watch, review and add to the list.

Enjoy watching. Re-watch the movie afterwards and remember... always Time Travel responsibly!

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