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Space Invaders (Arcade Original) on the Sony PlayStation / PSOne / PS1 / PSX

Question - Can I play arcade original Space Invaders on my PS1 ( and hence PS2, PSP, PS3, PSVita and PS4 )?

Answer - Well yes. Yes you can actually.

If I had a penny for every time I've been asked this... ( 1p, and that was me asking myself... ).

Below is a brief review of your options, which includes Official Releases, Unlockables and Homebrew for modded consoles.



Our first release is the imaginatively named "Space Invaders".
This is a completely different release from the PAL "Space Invaders", which was called "Space Invaders X" in NTSC-J regions.

Contained on this release are four slightly different flavours of arcade original Space Invaders:

  • Table Top Monochrome
  • Table Top Monochrome with Cellophane Screen Cover (Back in the day, this was the first mod for Space Invaders to give it some colour)
  • Upright Monochrome with moon backdrop
  • Table Top Colour

Also included is a two player VS-MODE allowing you to play against a second human player or to play against the massive intellect of the PS1..

So how much would you have been expected to pay for all of this arcade wonderfulness? 2800 Yen or around £20.
Expect to pay between £5 and £20 these days on eBay to own this retroness.


Our next release is a rehash of the original Space Invaders release above.
This release coincided with Taito's 45th Anniversary.
The 2000 in the name doesn't refer to the year of release or the turn of the Millenium in general, but instead was related to the price; 2000 Yen or around £15.

Included are the same four releases of the original arcade Space Invaders and the VS-MODE.

On top of this, a new mode has been added.Time Attack Mode.

And squeezed onto the remaining CD are playable demos of G.Darius and Densha De Go! 2.

This is still around on eBay. Expect to pay between £5 and £20.

Simple 1500 Series Volume 73 - Space Invaders 1500 - The Invaders - SLPM 86900

The third official release is once again a budget re-release of the previous two reviewed, with the same four original games and the same VS-MODE and Time Attack modes included.

Once again, another mode has been squeezed in. This time its Space Invaders 3D.

All for the princely sum of 1500 Yen or around 10 of your earth pounds.

This release also has striking visual similarities to Space Invaders Virtual Collection on Nintendos Virtual Boy. See what you think..

PD Ultraman Invader NTSC-J - SLPS 00195

A mish-mash of Ultraman and Space Invaders to make a rehash / re-envisioning of the Taito classic arcade game. Also included is "Classic Mode" which is just plain old arcade Space Invaders!

Would it suprise you to know that it contains the same four versions of Space Invaders that are in the three NTSC-J Space Invaders releases, along with the VS-MODE? No probably not at this point. At least Taito are firm believers in Recycling (Groan!).


Space Invaders - SLES 02144

The Space Invaders rehash / remake (Space Invaders X in NTSC-J areas) has the original arcade Space Invaders as an unlockable.

Beat the game on normal difficulty and then at the main menu, press Circle and a level select menu will appear.
If you go to Level 00, you'll fight a retro boss, and once you defeat this boss, a new option will open up allowing you to play in Classic Space Invaders Mode.


Space Invaders Project - Retrocoder

Anthony Ball of Double Dutch Designs aka Sinistersoft aka Deluxe Pixel Ltd wrote an excellent Space Invaders arcade board emulator for the PS1 that when combined with an original arcade rom set, could be compiled into a fully working Space Invaders emulator.

You will need to find the romsets yourself. I would recommend getting them from an old MAME romset release (0.36 or 0.37). The emulator supports several different flavours of space invaders including monochrome, Part II and Super Earth Invasion.


I'm not going to go into masses of detail on all of this but a very simple way to play PS1 ISO's from a USB stick needs the following:

  • PlayStation 2 or PSTwo
  • PS2 Memory Card
  • A USB 2.0 memory stick of 32 GB capacity or less (Formatted to FAT32)
  • Free Memory Card Boot - A program that installs to the PS2 memory card and adds functionality to the PS2 OS to run Homebrew Apps.
  • POPStarter - A set of PS2 files that allow PS1 ISOs to be run from USB stick.
  • Cue2POPS - A PC program that converts .cue/.bin CD images to POPStarter Images.

There is already a huge amount of information on how to use the tools listed above so I don't need to repeat it.
Try googling "how to run ps2 games from USB".


1. If you have a PS1 or PS2 and one of the games above, have a retro afternoon blatting away at wave after wave of retro alien anger.
2. How about building a replica Space Invaders arcade cabinet or table, powered using a PS1 or PS2?
3. Ignore the information here and continue living a happy life.


Have I missed a PS1 Space Invaders game? Probably... Leave me a comment and I'll add it to the list.

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