Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Sony PSP Go! with 65" 4K Sony Screen and PS3 Wireless Controller

Yup geeky I know. A Sony PSP Go!, controlled using an official PS3 controller and outputting component video to a Sony 65" 4K TV screen.

This was a good nights gaming!

You will need:

1. A PSPGo (A standard PSP does not have video out on the PSP's connector.).

2. A PSPGo to component video lead.

3. A PS3 (You need to utilise a PS3 to link the PS3 controller to the PSP Go! the first time only. Once it has been done once, the PS3 controller will link to the PSP Go! without a PS3.).

4. A PS3 controller.

5. A TV with component video input (Normally three RCA connectors coloured red, green and blue respectively.).

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