Monday, 25 November 2019

Easy To Make Hedgehog cake

I originally published this article back in 2010 after I made this cake for my daughter Izzys birthday. After several webpage changes / webspace deletes etc, I was happy to find my cake pics in my Google Album Archive. I thought they were lost forever (although I did notice that someone had swiped a pic and added my hedgehog cake to a "Top Ten" list of hedgehog cakes on the internet).

So once again, 9 years later... Here is how to make my Hedgehog cake.

You will need:
  • Two small Toblerone's - Spikes
  • Two white chocolate drops - Eyes
  • One Malteser - Nose
  • Two Matchmakers - Whiskers
  • Two Large Chocolate Swiss Rolls
  • One pot Betty Crockers Chocolate Fudge Icing.
1. Put the two Swiss rolls together and trim them into approx. hedgehog head and body shape.
2. Plaster that body shape in Betty Crockers Icing all over.
3. Use the icing while still wet to glue the Toblerone spikes to the body,
4. Add nose, whiskers and eyes.
5. Dot of icing in middle of each eye.

Job done... Happy Daughter...

p.s. This cake is super sweet. Your teeth will hurt and wiggle while you eat :-)

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