PSP Go on 65” 4K Sony TV

Yup. Use your PSP Go as a full game console with separate controller and even connect it to your TV.

What you will need:

1. PSPGo
2. PSPGo TV component lead (head to eBay)
3. PS3 controller
4. PS3 (only once to initially connect the controller to the PSP)

So first you need to turn on your PSP Bluetooth and use your PS3 to connect the controller to the PSP. 

Once the Bluetooth is initialised to the PSP, you won’t need to use the PS3 again.

Then plug the PSP into the TV and off you go.

PSPGo on 65” 4k Sony BT linked to PS3 controller…

Space Invaders on the Sony PlayStation Portable / PSP / PSPGo

You must know how it is and how it goes by now. It’s a Friday afternoon. You’re on a long train journey. Your portable game console of choice is the Sony PSP and the only game that will do is classic Space Invaders. What are your options…


  1. “Space Invaders Pocket” (Japan Release 2005)
Yet another collection of eight classic rom sets / flavours / ports of the quintessential daddy of all shmups. As well as the usual monochromes, cellophanes, uprights and DX’s, we also have Return of the Invaders, Majestic Twelve aka Super Space Invaders ’91 and Space Invaders ’95 – The Attack of the Lunar Loonies aka Akkanvaders.


  1. “Space Invaders Evolution” (European Release 2006)
A collection of three different angles of Space Invaders. Firstly and without being hidden or unlockable there is the classic original arcade Space Invaders. We also have “Match up” which is a two player at once opposite sides of the screen style shootout with a similar if slightly improved visual style to the original game. Finally there is a Space Invader Re-imagining called “Future”.


It’s Worth Noting…..

It’s worth noting and well worth mentioning “Space Invaders Extreme” on the PSP, Taito’s portable Space Invader release to mark the original games 30th Anniversary.
I particularly like this re-imagining because once you turn off the crazy migraine inducing random 3D background, the game and graphics are reasonable faithful to the original source game albeit with a lot of extra added fluff. Of all of the remakes of Space Invaders that I have played, this one is by far the most fun and has bags of gameplay.