Ghostbusters film locations in New York

Family holiday to Manhattan… Chance for some nerdy Ghostbuster film location spotting… Would be daft not to!

  1. The Firehouse – Hook and Ladder Company #8 – Tribecca

Ok so a bit gutted about this one. The building wrapped in coverings whilst repair work goes on.

Should look like this:

Looked like this:

2. “Spook Central” Dana and Louises Apartment Block,  55 Central Park West at 66th Street.

The actual building is a lot smaller in real life than it looks in the movie. This is because there is a lot of larger buildings located around it so to make it look more menacing, an additional 8 floors were Matte painted onto the movie shots.

Should look like this:

Looked Like This: Still a pretty odd loking place even without the extra floors!

3. New York Public Library.

Whilst this is an iconic scene at the beginning of the original Ghostbusters where the first spook in the film is spotted, the actual appearance of the building is fleeting to say the least, with all inside shots filmed at a library in California.

Should look like this:

Looked like this:

4. National Museum of the American Indian

Known in Ghostbusters 2 as the Manhattan Art Museum (No such place exists), This building ends up encased in pink slime in the movie…

Should look like This:

Looked Like This:

5. Interior of the Statue of Liberty 1

The Ghostbusters set themselves up inside the Statue of Liberty and spray the innards with positively charged pink slime in Ghostbusters 2.

Should look like this:

Looked like this:

5. Interior of the Statue of Liberty 2

The Statue of Liberty was controlled from inside the Statue of Liberty crown and  in Ghostbusters 2.

Should look like this:

Looked like this (Yer ok Couldn’t get a pic from the outside) :

A missed a few opportunities…

Rockerfeller Plaza (Below) – For some reason I thought that this scene had multiple golden statues around it. After checking the Plaza for a while I concluded that they had been removed. It turns out that I walked past the area in the pic below about 3 times….

Tavern on the Green (Below) – Couldn’t get access to the back without going in the front which had security on it…

Lincoln Centre Fountain (Below) – Unfortunately didn’t get this far up on the west side…

As far as I’m concerned, this is a very good reason for going back in a few years time!