Sega Game Gear Capacitor Change

So after having a half stripped Sega Game Gear rattling around in my work drawer for a few years, I decided it was time to order a Cap Kit and get it running in its former glory…

So as a starter, split the Game Gear in two:

Remove the metal shield overlapping the audio board:

Remove the Audio Board:

And prep for surgery. Looks like one or two of the caps on here have already been changed at some point in the past:

Game Gear Audio Board stripped of caps. Unfortunately two of the solder pads came away during the process. They are very fragile so carefully does it:

And now new caps fitted. Also ran two pieces of instrument wire to bridge the connections from the missing solder pads:

A quick test and audio from both the in-built speaker and the headphone socket is blasting out nicely.

The next step… The main board!

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