Castle Quest – Micropower – BBC Micro – Remake in Blitz3D

After a while of inactivity, I’ve been tinkering with a 2D in 3D remake of Castle Quest using the now free Blitz3D. It all started when I was playing around with Blitz 3D’s different lighting effects. A flaming wall torch and a brick wall was all it took.


This has been going on for a bit to be honest, but Blitz 3D’s abysmal 3d object collision detection routines really put a stall on it, in that they either work badly or not at all. I even used the full tutorial example program to try and understand my errors, only to find out that that didn’t appear to work properly either. Anyway after some frustration I built my own collision routines and they actually seem to work so can crack on with the game. At this stage have an old vs new screenshot. Will post more if the project continues…





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