Two items for Silicon Heaven….

Well the Sharp Pocket PC has turned out to be a duffer after all. The microprocessor in there has had it…

And after several weeks of toying with Omnibot 2000, I’ve declared him scrap also.

Despite all of the individual parts tested and working, the remote seeming to work, the tray working, all moving parts working…pop it all together and try and run the robot and it just doesn’t happen.

I guess there is some issues with the main board, and at this point I’m not prepared to start stripping and testing components to try and figure out whats up.

I may do an EZRobot number on him instead and fit him out with some up to date innards instead..

RIP Omni 2000 and Sharp Pocket PC

For now… I hate throwing old tech away, even if it is a bit buggered! I guess its up to the loft.

Time to bring in a new candidate for testing / overhauling…

Robie Sr


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