Bloody Crappy Old Electronics!!!!!!!

So after stripping Omnibot 2000 down completely, scrubbing, repairing, replacing and reassembling… and then spending a very hot sweaty hour and a half finding the remote control…. The bloody thing doesn’t work!!!!

All the light come on on Omnibot. Light comes on on remote. But one just ain’t controlling the other.

I popped a scope on the antenna of the remote control and was surprised to find that it appears to be permanently transmitting.

It transmits a sequence of pulses and when you push a button, the sequence changes/pulses get faster/PW gets narrower…. Not sure which but you can see changes. Its just very suprising from a battery life point of view, that it permanently transmits.

I’m not really sure if this is a fault or just the way it works….

The only part that does work is the voice over remote function. Push the button, talk onto the remote and voice comes out of robot. And I’m sure that bit DIDN’T function when I first got him…although all the other functions did work….and now don’t…

I also found the tray for Omnibot 2000 so have tested it with a 6 volt supply and have now stripped it down ready for cleaning and reassembly.

Looks like Omnibot is coming apart again so that I can try and figure out whats up with him. BLURGH!!!!

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