Bloody Crappy Old Electronics!!! Part 2 – Bloody Crappy Old Mechanics!!

It would seem that Omnibot 2000’s mechanised tray is making a nasty terminal sounding grind whilst operating…. 

This Nerdyness is not going smoothly!

After a strip down (Complete tray strip down….Goddam how many parts does a mechanised tray need???) it appears that the DC motor itself is the cause of the sound… 30 odd year old bearings are probably the cause.

Have also found one of the main drive gears cracked and slipping round its shaft.

1) DC motor soaked in WD40. Leave it to soak in over night.

2) Gear fixed with superglue and then glued onto shaft and drying over night.

Lets see if we can get something operational tomorrow??

So far:

The tray not working correctly. Stripped down in pieces at present.

The remote, I think, is working correctly, although its almost impossible to tell without a working one to compare. Currently stripped down in pieces.

Omnibot 2000 doesn’t do much apart from erratic moves when his battery gets low… Tapedeck works, speech from remote to speaker works…. no remote functions. He’s currently in one piece but I think he’s gonna be stripped down before long….

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