Berzerk 3D Remake…

Have done some work on a Berzerk 3D remake. I felt that while other remakes were good, they kind of lost the original frantic gameplay somewhat. My goal was to remake without affecting the gameplay.
Unfortunately it’s become a Frankenstein’s Monster mish mash of various ideas that when mixed together just don’t look good or work brilliantly.
It’s not been a completely wasted effort as have learnt a lot about 3D coding and found a lot of new stuff out about Blitz3D and I’ve enjoyed doing the work on it but as a completed game I think that it would suck!
Whilst the maze was fine I had trouble integrating a protagonist that matched to the background.
The idea then changed to having a 3D background but kind of using this as a background and then adding actual game graphics similar to the original over the top.
When this didn’t match up will I tried adding sprites that were more animated than the originals.
However overall 3D berzerk just doesn’t work for me, no matter how it’s tackled it takes too much gameplay away from the source material. The only way to make a decent Berzerk remake is to stick to the source material and sharpen it up some, that means 2D or 2D in 3D.
I will keep what work has been done up for download and anyone interested in the source code give me a shout and I’ll happily share.
There is a runnable version available for download here.

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