Shit Tinted Glasses?? BBC Micro – Beebem Playing Fire Track


Ok, I’ve heard of “Rose Tinted Glasses” a lot in the retro gaming world. Getting a chance to play an old game from your past on an emulator only to find that it was a pile of crap!! It leaves you wondering why yourself and everyone else went totally banzai over it!!

Well time for the old switcheroo….reverse rose tint! I had a quick play of “Fire Track” on BeebEm the other day and was amazed to find that it was a smooth acomplished lil shoot-em-up. From what I remember of playing it “In The Day” on my Beeb B it was gregariously couloured, jerky and generally left you with a headache and some travel sickness!!

Playing it on emulation was a pleasure, and I kept going back for another go! Most shmups on the Beeb were hideous affairs (Some exceptions!) but this lil fella kept me hooked…In fact i want another go right now!!

Kudos to BBC Micro B Fire Track. A kuul Shmup still worthy of todays attention!!!!!

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