Sega Game Gear Repair II – Second Game Gear Stripped Down

The second of my Game Gears that I’ve stripped down is the single ASIC version. This has a higher wet capacitor count on the motherboard by one.

Having checked the capacitor values out against the list on the link on the previous Game Gear Repair post I again found some differences which may just be down to what capacitors were thrown in there at the time.
C4, C14, C42 and C11 are all 10uF / 16V on my one rather than 10uF / 6.3V. Whilst this is probably donw th 16V ones being cheaper than 6.3V ones at the time it may be best to err on the side of caution and replace with 16V ones, this could have been a mod due to 6.3V ones leaking excessively.


This one does show some minor signs of wet capacitor leakage. Whilst it hasn’t actually spilt over the motherboard and caused corrosion, there is some sweatiness around a few of the caps.

I now have one final Game Gear to open and check before I have to decide on the actual caps I’m using as replacements. I currently thinking dry alluminium electrolytic ones to negate having to replace them all again in 15 years time!

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