Sega Gamegear saves the day….

Ah the dilema…… A gorgeous sunday for lazin on the beach and England Vs Germany footie on at 3pm. What to do!

Well at last the retro game console collection came in handy for something other than retro gaming. Whilst looking doubtfully at the 42″ HD Plasma and wondering how good the picture would be on the beach running from a generator, I suddenly remembered that I have 3 Sega Game Gears and one of them has the TV plug in.

A quick rummage around in the loft and a lot of batteries later and….






Hey presto! Portable TV.

Looking back now I needn’t have bothered ha ha, but before I witnessed the diabolical sham known as “The Match” I lay there basted up with oil, a cool box full of Sol Lager and wedges of lime, a 25 degree sun, water lappin at my feet and with the footie on and was in paradise….for the first few minutes anyway ha ha

What did become obvious to me was that out of the three Sega Game Gears that I have, two of them are suffering major display issues and one minor issues. I have had to repair the audio on all three Game Gears already replacing all of the capacitors on each audio board as they dry up over time and you lose external sound.

It appears from the symptoms I have (dark screen, switches itself off a few times, distortion on screen etc etc) that I now have to replace about another 10 capacitors on the main board as well as a potential acid mop up job from where the old capacitors are leaking their dielectric out. For some reason wet caps were used when Sega Game Gears were built. I’m replacing them all with dry electrolytic ones so that I don’t have to replace them again!!

Oh by the way, while I was up in the loft I was accosted by a sinister gathering..





ARGHH!!! It’s Attack Of The Omnibots!!!! From Right to left: Omnibot, Omnibot 2000, Hearoid and Robie Sr and in the background is Robosapien 2.

These poor guys have been up in the loft for a while. Omnibot, Hearoid and Robie Sr work perfectly. Omnibot 2000 works partially with the exception of voice over from the remote control and I haven’t got around to repairing it yet. Omnibot has box and all accessories (tray etc) so does Hearoid. Robie Sr is just himself and Omnibot 2000 has the motorised tray although I stripped it down to clean it and have only 3/4 assembled it again. Another guy project on my list!! Which reminds me, I must some pages to the website for these fellas!!

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