Commodore Amiga CD32

This came down from the loft a while back for a clean and functional check.

I thought I’d take a few pics of it up and running:

The Beast Itself.


Bios Screen


A battered up box


The precious contents


A part of the included paperwork


Two controllers. The eagle-eyed of you will notice that the D-Pads are different. This is because the original design on the right was due to be shipped out as it was, but feedback from testers slating the D-Pad design meant a last minute change of sticking a more directional pad on top of the original design. In the case of the right hand controller, this fell off and was lost some time ago.


More paperwork


The product labelling on the bottom of the unit.


Game time! Loading up Myth.


Myth mid game.


Amiga CD32 Rear ports. From left to right:

On-Off switch / Power Input / RF Tuner Output / S-Video Output / Composite Video Output / Left Audio RCA Output / Right Audio RCA Output.

Amiga CD32 Side ports, from left to right:

Controller 1 or mouse input port / Controller 2 or mouse 2 input port / Aux Input port.


Close up of the animal itself with top loading CD deck open.


Close up with lid closed.

2 thoughts on “Commodore Amiga CD32”

  1. Is the box the original it came in? Just asking cos I’m looking at getting one for my retrogeek hubby and I thought the box looks like a 600 box with cd32 sticker over the 600. Just trying to find out if they did that or if the one I’m looking at is a faked box? Only other boxes I’ve seen for cd32 have a picture of it on them.

    1. Hiya. Yup it’s the genuine box. No expense spared on box art and the manuals are pretty cheap too. Box art is very similar to A600 and A1200

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